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UNEARTHED (Theatrical release- Nov. '07, DVD release- March '08)

Set in a small town in the New Mexico desert, a fanatical archeologist inadvertently unleashes a creature not from this world. Staring Emmanuelle Vaugier (Saw II), Beau Garrett (the upcoming Turistas), Tommy Dewey (WB's The Mountain), Luke Goss (Blade II), Tonantzin Carmello (Into The West), and MC Gainey (Dukes Of Hazzard). Directed by Matt Leutwyler and co-produced with Ambush Entertainment.

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SOS (pre-production)

When news reporter Ryan and her sister Alex relive their great
grandmother's adventure of surviving on a deserted island, they manage to
endure the harshest of environments. But when they realize that they're not
alone, they must face an even bigger challenge- a fight for their lives.

RED ALCHEMY (pre-production)

Deadly consequences arise when a controversial medical technology is tested aboard a deep space military hospital.

HARD NIGHT SKIES (pre-production)

Calamity ensues when a crew of small time gangsters find themselves embroiled in an interplanetary turf war.

BLOOD MUSIC (pre-production)

Horror anthology in the tradition of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, and TRILOGY OF TERROR.